Water morning glory (also known as water spinach) is a semi aquatic tropical leafy green plant of Southeast Asia origin. It has a long, hollow stem, and arrowhead-shaped green leaves. With water morning glory growing underwater, at each joint, there will be short roots clinging around the stem. The taste is described as a cross between spinach and watercress, but instead of the spinach’s characteristic slight bitterness, the plant has a light sweet taste instead.
Water morning glory is beloved by the Vietnamese people, used to be considered as a king’s tribute during the feudal era.

Water morning glory
Ipomoea Aquatica
Southeast Asia
500g/PE bag , 1kg/bag ,10 bags/carton box
How to eat

A staple vegetable in Southeast Asian cuisine, water morning glory is used extensively in the daily meals of the locals. This ingredient works great in stir-fries, soups, and other dishes where a mild, green flavor would benefit a recipe.

Health benefit

Water morning glory contains a large amount of vitamins A, C, nutrients, and is especially rich in iron content. 
It contains high fiber content to support good digestion and reduces constipation. The antioxidants in the plant will remove free radicals from the body, limiting the production of cancer cells. Moreover, 
According to research, water morning glory can prevent liver damage. The effects of chemical compounds in vegetables contribute to the modulation of detoxifying enzymes and antioxidants as well as the effects of free radicals.

Export Overview

Nowadays, the global consumer pays special attention to clean, ethically grown products with great benefits for health when it comes to buying fruits and vegetables. Vietnamese water glory morning, is not only fully meet the strict requirements of consumers, but it is also recognized by international buyers as having the best quality and flavor among others. 

Currently, the demand for water spinach in the world is high, coming from overseas markets such as the US, Japan, Korea, UK, Germany, Finland, Russia, Australia... Accordingly, this demand is increasing day by day, which proves Vietnamese water glory morning is a potential key exported product in Vietnam export service, bringing in great economic value. 


FOSACHA’s mission is to establish ourselves as one of Vietnam’s prominent exporters of a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses, and spices. One of our ranges includes fresh Vietnamese water morning glory.

FOSACHA works closely with our farms throughout the production process, from planting, harvesting to sorting, grading the top quality of water morning glory for any potential importers from international markets. Most importantly, the product must be GlobalGAP-compliant, able to meet the standards of food hygiene and safety, as well as be of clear origin to be traceable. Our quality personnel tests the product on the parameters of taste and freshness during the procurement and also make sure that the packaging is also being done properly, as per international standards.

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Storage advice

Stored in a cool, dry place at 6 to 8°C