Tomato is the world’s most consumed fruit and has been cultivated since ancient times. Its place of origin is in South America. Tomato is an annual plant, grown for its edible fruit. The plant can be erect with short stems or vine-like with long, spreading stems. Its fruit is round, varies in size. It has fleshy, smooth skin and can be red, pink, purple, brown, orange, or yellow in color, although red is the most common color for tomatoes. The fruit is juicy, but firm, slightly soft when ripe

The flavor of tomato, due to containing both acid and sugar content, can be both described as sweet and tart. It also emits a tangy, earthy characteristic aroma

Solanum Lycopersicum
Central/South America
PE bags 5kgs / 8kgs / 9kgs / 10kgs box
How to eat

Tomato is a staple ingredient of many cuisines, hailed for its versatility. Tomato can be eaten fresh like any other fruit, but it’s mostly used to create a variety of dishes.  The fruit is also be processed into juice, soup, ketchup, puree, paste, or powder.

Health benefit

Tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene compounds, this compound is one of the antioxidants, reducing the risk of some cancers, such as cervical, stomach, lung, nasopharyngeal, colon, rectum, esophagus, and especially prostate cancer...Not only that, the fiber content, high chromium mineral in tomato helps stabilize blood sugar. In addition, the carbohydrate content in tomatoes is very low, helping to reduce blood sugar levels, supporting the treatment of diabetes.

Export Overview

Vietnam ranked 27th in the world’s biggest exporter of tomatoes. Vietnamese tomato is exported to markets such as The US, Japan, UAE, Russia, Taiwan,...


FOSACHA’s mission is to establish ourselves as one of Vietnam’s prominent exporters of a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses, and spices. One of our main exported products is fresh tomato

FOSACHA works closely with our farms throughout the production process, from planting, harvesting to sorting, grading the top quality of tomato for any potential importers from international markets. Most importantly, the product must be GlobalGAP-compliant, able to meet the standards of food hygiene and safety, as well as be of clear origin to be traceable. Our quality personnel tests the product on the parameters of taste and freshness during the procurement and also make sure that the packaging is also being done properly, as per international standards.

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