Green-skinned pomelo is one of the most famous specialties in the southern provinces, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta provinces. The fruit has got its trademark thin green rind when is riped and juicy red-pink color flesh with a sweet flavor which is easy to separate. these characteristics are what makes the green-skinned pomelo considered the "king of pomelos".

Currently green-skinned pomelos are grown all over the country. But Ben Tre is considered the "capital" of green-skinned pomelos and also considered as the best place to grow pomelos in Vietnam. The region has got ideal topography soil, and a climate of the geographical area suitable for citrus trees and the green-skin pomelo is included.

Green skin pomelo
China, Thailand, Malaysia,..
Citrus Maxima x Citrus x paradisi
1,1kg-2kg/ fruits
6 fruits/9kg/box or 12 fruits/13 kg/box.
10 - 13%
How to eat

The fruit can be eaten fresh or used as ingredient for other food such as dessert, juice or savory dishes

Health benefit

Green-skinned pomelo has got many beneficial effects on health and is considered by consumers as the healthiest fruit in the fruit world. It contains many types of minerals. Vitamins, and a number of other beneficial active ingredients like calories, Calcium, Phosphorus, iron, and vitamins A, C, B1, B2. As a result, it has got many health benefits. Some studies showed that it has the effect of changing insulin levels by Increasing the metabolic rate. The Vitamin C in green skin pomelo helps prevent or combat the common cold. There are some indications that vitamin C may also protect against oral and stomach cancers. Apart from that, the green-skinned pomelo also helps to eliminate external influences affecting the body's functioning system as well as factors that cause hormonal imbalance.

Export Overview

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recognized the green skin pomelo as national fruit. The fruit has been exported to over 50 countries. Gaining a popularity in an international market for North America, Europe, Japan, etc, ...


Currently, FOSACHA has got green skin pomelo as one of our main exported products. We work directly with the farms from our supply chain throughout the production process. From planting, harvesting to sorting and grading the top quality of the green skin pomelo for any potential importers from international markets. Most importantly, our Vietnamese green skin pomelo must be GlobalGAP-compliant, able to meet the standards of food hygiene and safety, as well as be of clear origin to be traceable. FOSACHA is confident that we will always provide our customers with high-quality products that satisfy global consumers. 

If you are looking for a reputable supplier to import high-quality, VietGAP, GlobalGAP compliant green skin pomelo, as well as establish a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership, please contact us at the following information for further discussion. 

Storage advice

Stored in a cool, dry place at 5 to 7°C (Fresh) and at -20 ±2°C (Frozen)

Growing area