The Vietnamese garlic is known for its small size, milky white outer skin, and characteristic aroma. Compared to the Chinese variety, the Vietnamese garlic variety has a particular stronger taste due to Vietnam’s soil conditions and tropical monsoon climate.. Each region produces a type of garlic with a different flavor and shape, notably Hai Duong, Ly Son, etc.

A. sativum
Middle Asia, Iran
Peel/ Unpeeled. 5 - 5,5 cm
Peel: Frozen PA Vacuum bag 100g/bag -- Unpeel: 10kg/ carton box
Health benefit

Garlic is considered one of Vietnam’s most beneficial agro-product. Vietnamese garlic is not only an essential ingredient in the local cuisine, helping to increase the flavor of dishes, but also has many effects in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, cancer, duplication, joints. Eating raw garlic can help the body fight off the common cold because of its strong antiseptic properties. Not only that, but the warmth of garlic also helps to remove moisture and eliminate cough-causing agents.
Exporting overview:
Exporting Vietnamese garlic and shallot to the international markets is the right direction to increase the value of these spices. Vietnamese garlic has been exported to many different countries and regions, with our main markets Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Korea, the US, etc,...


FOSACHA procures our product directly from the farms of our supply chain. The garlic is grown using the traditional cultivation method and hand-harvested. We export Vietnamese garlic for global consumption, both peeled and unpeeled, up to 100 kg - 500kg per minimum order quantity.

Vietnamese garlic for exporting (28-35 branches/100g)
Our Vietnamese garlic is free from damage, soil cuts, and other infections. Most importantly, our Vietnamese garlic must be GlobalGAP- compliant, able to meet the standards of food hygiene and safety, as well as be of clear origin in order to be traceable. Our quality personnel tests the product on the parameters of taste and freshness during the procurement and also make sure that the packaging is also being done in a proper manner, as per international standards.

If you are looking for a reputable supplier to import high quality, VietGAP, GlobalGAP compliant Vietnamese garlic with stable output, as well as establishing a  long-term, mutually beneficial partnership, please contact us at the following information for further discussion

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