Chili is one of the essential spices of Vietnamese cuisine. It has a distinct pungent smell, with natural red color and green stems. Despite its small size, Vietnamese chili is ranked quite high on the spiciness scale, a characteristic that has earned it a reputation among the Spicy-favored countries.

Chili pepper
Mexico, Central America,South America, Southeast Asia
- Small bag: 200gr/bag, 50 bags/10kg box - Small bag: 500gr/ bag, 20 bags/10kg box - Sack: 20kg/sack
How to eat

Since its discovery and introduction, chili has become a staple in various cuisines. Widely used to enhance flavor or decorative purpose for a variety of dishes, like soups, salad, and stir-fried dishes. Chili can be eaten raw, cooked, or used as the main ingredient in sauces, paste, or marinade mixture

Health benefit

Fresh chili peppers contain a number of vitamins and minerals. There are several studies have analyzed the hotness of chili peppers, showing that chili peppers have a high antiseptic ability. Therefore, chili peppers are put into research to fully exploit the effects of improving human immune health.

Export Overview

In Vietnam, chili is cultivated in multiple regions, notably in Thanh Binh district (Dong Thap), which is considered as "the largest chili pot in the West". The communes of the islet and the communes along the Tien River are the areas with a large concentration of chili growing areas and are effective in the district. Fresh chili output is more than 22,500 tons/year. According to statistics, the chili growing area in Dong Thap province is nearly 2,000 ha/year, the average yield is more than 10 tons/ha.

Exporting chili has been one of Vietnam’s main focuses in recent years. As a result, Vietnamese fresh chili has found its way to many markets and retailers across multiple countries and regions, especially those that have a preference for spiciness. China, Malaysia, Korea, etc… are our main export markets, to name a few


Chili is one of FOSACHA’s main exported products in our catalog. We provide both fresh chili and frozen chili. Cultivated and cared for according to strict GlobalGAP standards, we work closely with the farms from our supply chain throughout the entire production process, from harvesting chili to processing and packaging. FOSACHA is confident that we will always provide our customers with fresh chili peppers that meet the required standards from any international markets
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