Vietnam paves the way as a Global Fruit Exporter in 2023

05/01/2024 10:43

In 2023, Vietnam stood out as a top fruit exporter, with fruits and vegetables reaching record levels in agricultural exports. The trend continues into 2024, with new opportunities emerging for the country's fruit export sector.

In 2023, Vietnam stood out as a top fruit exporter, with fruits and vegetables reaching record levels in agricultural exports. The trend continues into 2024, with new opportunities emerging for the country's fruit export sector.

With a robust surge in the export value of fruits and vegetables last year, businesses see this as the beginning of Vietnam's prominence as a fruit exporter.

In 2023, thanks to a growth rate exceeding 70%, the fruits and vegetables category is one of the two items achieving a record-high export value of 5.69 billion USD. 

The top markets for the export of fruits and vegetables from Vietnam include China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Netherlands, and Australia, among others. Notably, China remains the largest importing market, constituting a significant share of 65% of Vietnam's fruit and vegetable exports.

According to the industry leaders, in 2024, Vietnam's fruit export industry is expected to thrive, thanks to key products.
"Durians, dragon fruits, bananas, jackfruits, and mangoes are the mainstay items. Particularly, with the addition of frozen durians and fresh coconuts, fruit exports could set a new record, reaching at least $6 billion, with expectations to hit $6.5 billion," emphasized a representative.

In terms of fruit exports, 2023 witnessed a shift in the industry hierarchy. Surpassing dragon fruits, fresh durians emerged as the highest-exported fruit. Vietnamese fresh durians hold a competitive edge in the fruit export market, especially in China. Statistics show that the export value of Vietnamese fresh durians reached $56.9 million, a staggering growth of 290.8% compared to the same period in 2022, constituting 83% of the total fruit export value.

Fosacha, a rising fruit exporter known for its main products, bananas, and dragon fruit, mentioned that the company is actively seeking opportunities and making preparations to venture into exporting durians to China as the market for this fruit opens up.

Recently, Fosacha took part in Asia Logistica 2023 , actively connecting with significant Chinese buyers, demonstrating a keen interest in both durians and related products. This engagement highlights a promising outlook for the durian market, contributing to potential growth in the fruit export sector.

Collaborating with global partners is crucial to overcome challenges and explore new markets. The Vietnamese fruit industry anticipates stellar performance in 2024, Leveraging competitive logistics costs, Vietnam aims for global expansion, particularly near major markets like China.

"The business strategy emphasizes the development of products with high transparency, ensuring compliance with clear rules when exporting mainstream products, particularly to China," shared an industry expert.

The Plant Protection Department reports issuing 6,997 cultivation area codes and 1,613 packaging facility codes for exporting various fresh fruits, including dragon fruit, mangoes, star apples, bananas, pomelos, passion fruits, seedless limes, lychees, longans, peppers, and black jelly. These exports, permitted to enter markets like China, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan, affirm Vietnam's vital role as a fruit exporter. It emphasizes active cooperation with localities to expand codes and facilities, ensuring compliance with importing countries' standards. The ongoing commitment removes technical barriers and contributes significantly to Vietnam's resilience and expansion as a global fruit exporter.

Vietnam's fruit export industry is on an upward trajectory, solidifying its position as a global exporter in 2023. With a focus on high-demand fruits, technological advancements, international collaborations, and sustainability, Vietnam is well-positioned to shape the success of its fruit exports in 2024 and beyond, continuing to make its mark as a prominent player in the global fruit trade.

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