Fosacha Forms Partnership with Local Asparagus Growers, Expanding products portfolio

24/05/2023 01:55

Collaboration with Local Growers Strengthens Fosacha's Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing and Global Expansion

Collaboration with Local Growers Strengthens Fosacha's Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing and Global Expansion

Fosacha has partnered with Vietnamese asparagus growers in an exciting development to expand its operations. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Fosacha as it reinforces their commitment to sustainable sourcing while supporting the growth of the local agricultural community.

Fosacha and the Vietnamese asparagus growers aim to capitalize on each other's strengths. Fosacha's extensive distribution network, market expertise, and the farm's exceptional quality products will create a formidable alliance. Together, they strive to meet the increasing demand for premium asparagus in international markets while upholding responsible and ethical farming practices.


[Asparagus is known as the "king of vegetables" with very high nutritional and economic value.]

Until now, the exporter has successfully entered many fastidious markets such as Korea, Australia, the Middle East, and others. However, Fosacha’s main products are still confined to the fresh fruit sector(sản phẩm). This partnership enables Fosacha to diversify their product offerings and provide customers with an expanded range of high-quality produce.

The partner growers, renowned for their exceptional quality asparagus and large stable output, will undergo stringent quality control measures to meet Fosacha's rigorous standards. They employ scientific and technical advancements, such as drip irrigation systems, and invest in post-harvest processing technology to preserve the taste, color, and nutritional value of green asparagus.


[ Vietnamese Apsparagus planting farm]

These moves will ensure that customers receive only the finest asparagus that satisfies the discerning palates of consumers worldwide. 

Fosacha is firmly establishing itself in the international markets and the fresh produce business. This partnership sets a positive milestone in their development, emphasizing the significance of supporting local growers and embracing sustainable practices. With their shared vision for excellence and sustainability, Fosacha and the Vietnamese asparagus growers are poised to make a lasting impact on the global asparagus market, one bundle at a time.

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