Asia Fruit Logistica 2023: Fosacha made a sweet return

15/09/2023 03:16

This marked Fosacha’s first year participating in Asia Fruit Logistica after the exhibition returned to Hong Kong.

This marked Fosacha’s first year participating in Asia Fruit Logistica after the exhibition returned to Hong Kong.

Asia Fruit Logistica, held in Hong Kong, is Asia's leading trade show for the fresh fruit and vegetable business, drawing together key industry players, producers, exporters, and technology innovators globally. The team is hopeful about this year’s event and looking for more opportunities to connect with industry figures.

 [Fosacha booth at Asia Fruit Logistica 2023]

Fosacha has made remarkable strides in the industry since its inception just two years ago. The company's vision of bringing the freshest and most diverse fruits from various regions to consumers globally has resonated strongly with partners and customers alike.

For this exhibition, Fosacha showcased an impressive array of products, including a diverse range of fresh and dried fruits, renowned for their quality and freshness.  During the testing event, attendees were captivated by the vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and exceptional taste of Fosacha's offerings.


A noteworthy observation was the significant demand for durian among attendees, with Chinese visitors demonstrating a solid interest in this exotic fruit. This high level of interest indicates a promising potential for Fosacha within the Chinese market. Moreover, visitors also displayed a high level of excitement toward the Ring Pull Coconut - a new edition of fresh coconut Fosacha launched right before the exhibition. All of these will be considered when the team prepares for future operation plans.

 [Conversation with Fosacha team]

Fosacha received enthusiastic feedback from both visitors and industry peers. The company's representatives engaged in meaningful discussions with potential partners and clients, fostering valuable connections and laying the groundwork for future collaborations.

Despite the expectation of another successful show, unfortunately, a rainstorm hit Hong Kong and halted the exhibition. However, Fosacha views this setback as an opportunity for resilience and adaptability. The team closed our booth early according to the guidelines but remains enthusiastic, ready to conquer new challenges, and committed to achieving our goals in the next exhibition.



FOSACHA is a tech-based agricultural products exporter in Vietnam. Founded in 2021, FOSACHA exports high-quality, VietGAP, GlobalGAP-certified fruits, vegetables, spices, and other agricultural products from Vietnam to around the world. Recently the company also invested in the processed fruit business.
FOSACHA has a diverse portfolio of over 25 produce items but focuses on tropical fruits. The company works closely with growers in the Mekong delta region in Vietnam and customers across the globe.

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