Fosacha about us
FOSACHA is a tech-based agricultural products exporter in Vietnam. We export high-quality, VietGAP, GlobalGAP certified fruits, vegetables, spices, and other agricultural products from Vietnam to around the world
Founded in 2021, FOSACHA is a spin-off of Vinacert JSC – a certification and inspection company founded in 2007. With over +35 years of experience in the Agricultural field in Vietnam and over 10+ years of experience in export quality control, the founders have soon realized the major problems international buyers will face when sourcing agricultural products in Vietnam. Problems range from not only questionable quality and origin of the products to low supply, and uncompetitive price due to too many middlemen, but also because of slow response and lack of knowledge and clarity from the exporter themselves.
FOSACHA was established to provide high-quality, nutritious, and delicious tropical fruits, vegetables, and spices from Vietnam to international importers without facing the aforementioned problems by working directly with our VietGAP, GlobalGAP certified farms of the company’s supply chain and by providing a solution to all the challenges of establishing traceability systems with unlimited information through blockchain technology. FOSACHA works on the benefits of not only its shareholders and partners but also the local farmers and Vietnam's agriculture in general Currently, FOSACHA has been reached out by many potential customers worldwide, as well as diversifying our products portfolio, and improving the quality of the products. FOSACHA strives to be a prominent exporter in Vietnam’s export industry, bringing top-quality products to help increase and affirm the value of Vietnamese agricultural products on the global market.

Our Board of Managers


FOSACHA’s mission is to provide a platform for international importers looking for the best accord of high-quality Vietnamese nutritious, delicious tropical fruits, vegetables, and spices with traceability in the fastest and most efficient way.


Our vision is to be the international importer’s first option to provide Vietnamese agricultural products and the leading tech-enabled exporter of the Vietnam export industry